Sea Heart School provides waldorf inspired education in a beautiful homestead environment close by the Caribbean Sea. The Talamanca region is the most biologically and culturally diverse in Costa Rica and our school reflects that wonderful diversity.

Our families come from Central, South and North America, the Caribbean and Europe and together we create a blend of cultures, languages and traditions which adds a richness to our daily and community life. Our children are almost all bilingual, with many being multilingual: we are a bilingual school teaching in Spanish and English. We have volunteers who come to help us for 3 month or longer periods and we encourage our volunteers to speak their mother tongue with the children.

We consciously remain a small school, believing that our children benefit most from being in a small family like environment. Our days revolve around a rhythmical and repetitive caretaking of our school and ourselves: growing fruits and vegetables; working the soil; composting; harvesting; and raising our chickens, ducks and rabbits; preparing our meals together; sharing chores such as sweeping and washing our napkins and doll clothes all help the children place themselves in a healthy relationship to their environment and to work.

As with other waldorf schools much time and energy is given to free play where the children have the space to live into their imaginations, work on social development, discover their world and what it means to be human. Stories, puppet plays, movement activities, songs, rhymes and games supports a rich yet subtle development of language and rhythm: laying healthy foundations for later academic pursuits.

Artistic expression comes through watercolor painting, drawing and modeling with beeswax. Plus of course building sandcastles, playhouses, playing with mud and splashing in puddles.

We are an active part of our local community with our faculty involved in the local farmers market and co-operatives. Sea Heart is working towards generating an income through selling our produce and school made yogurt and chocolate. We strongly believe in self sufficiency and are determined to model this for our children.

It is part of our mission to offer scholarship places to the local indigenous BriBri community. Thanks to the generosity of our faculty and our friends at the Lexington and Applesong Waldorf Schools, we are able to offer two full scholarships. It is very important to us that we can offer this support: our BriBri children bring a very special quality to our school, and we hope we can bring them, through this education, a very special beginning.

Sea Heart School has a kindergarten and a nursery program.
Mamarkua, (BriBri for blossom), offers kindergarten education for 3.5 to 6 year olds. This program runs 5 days a week, from 8am to 1pm.
Tsitisi, (BriBri for bud), offers nursery education for children 18 months to 3.5 years. This program runs Monday through Thursday, from 8am to noon.